Amici della Musica di Sutri

The "Amici della Musica di Sutri" Association was founded  in 2001 by Trio Reger (Anna Lisa Bellini, Ariane Mathäus and Alfredo Persichilli) with the intention to promote culture and the high-level musical activity in Sutri, an ancient city rich in tradition .

In the year  2002 the Association has begun its activities with the organization of the "Beethoven Festival Sutri" ‘s  first edition,  in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Sutri,  with the presence of the best international  musicians who are particularly devoted to works of Beethoven.

Beethoven Festival Sutri has over time become an annual event eagerly awaited by an audience from all over the region. People come in Sutri to listen to international and renowned artists that seal the high quality of the event.

Because for the artistic merits, from 2009 to 2014 President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano has awarded the “Medaglia di Riconoscimento” to “Amici della Musica di Sutri” Association.

Vatican Radio follows the Beethoven Festival Sutri from the fourth edition in 2005, dedicating "Diapason" transmission to the event and following further appointments with live recordings and studio interviews with the artists.

Beethoven Festival Sutri was host of the Radio program "Prima Fila" Rai Radio Tre Suite  which is dedicated to the most important musical events of Italy.

In collaboration with Don Luca Gottardi, Amici della Musica di Sutri oversaw and coordinated all phases of restoration of  the 'Inzoli’ Organ (1881), realized by "Inzoli Cav. Pacific Bonizzi  Fratelli "; the organ is situated in Cattedrale S. Maria Assunta. The Association also organized concerts for such restoration and, in December 2004, has produced the Opening Concert.

Since 2007 the Association has been organizing  cycles of lessons-concert  at the Musical Laboratory "Francesco Andreotti", in collaboration with the State Musical Institute of Secondary Grade "G. Nicolini" in Capranica.

The Sutri Municipal Administration  has awarded  the "Durlindana d'Orlando" prize  to Association "Amici della Musica di Sutri" for the high artistic level, for its contribute to the tourism in  Sutri and for the organization of Beethoven Festival Sutri.


Via della Dodecapoli 2 01015 Sutri(VT) ITALY

Phone +39 0761 600760


Beethoven Festival Sutri


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