The Master Class International was founded in 2002 by Association Amici della Musica di Sutri.
Over the years they have seen the participation of young winners of international competitions coming not only from Italy, from many other countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Korea and Poland. Pride of the Beethoven Festival Sutri, are an important event in the education of many young talents who have chosen music as a profession and that seize this week the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in dealing with teachers, teachers established on the international scene, and with peers from so many different nationalities. The confluence of different cultures, and the ability to be totally immersed in the days devoted mainly to the use of music, make the city of Sutri a kind of laboratory where the rich musical heritage you can see offered in the most evocative. The courses, which "transform Sutri in a small Salzburg" (The Republic), are held at the Villa Savorelli (located in the archaeological area of ​​Sutri and surrounded by its Italian garden) and are organized in collaboration with the "Deutschen Spohr Akademie ".


Via della Dodecapoli 2 01015 Sutri(VT) ITALY

Phone +39 0761 600760


Beethoven Festival Sutri


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